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Omni Channel Crypto Advertising Network

Coins and Tokens is an Omni Channel Crypto Advertising Network to BUY or SELL traffic on crypto websites or mobile apps for the purpose of promoting crypto related offers only. The network offers access to 500+ Websites and Mobile Apps worldwide to help you acquire users for your ICO pre-sale, public sale, community building or just to promote your referral links


Mobile Apps &  Websites


Monthly Impressions


Unique Users  Daily

Buy Crypto Traffic


Diverse Targeting, Detailed Reporting and Real-Time Analytics

  • Crypto Traffic from 350+ Countries from Desktop Site / Mobile Site / Mobile App
  • Location Targeting - Country / State / City / Carriers / IP Ranges / Lat-Long
  • Granular Targeting - OS / OS Versions / Domain URL / Bundle Ids / Device Identifiers
  • Ad Formats - Display, Native, Pop-under and Video
  • Track Conversions and Custom Actions on all traffic channels
  • Target & Re-Target Users based on 1st & 3rd Party Audience Lists
  • Advanced Analytics and Real Time Reporting
  • Self-Service Campaign Dashboard

Sell Crypto Traffic


Best CPM and Fill Rates Guaranteed

  • Monetize your Mobile App, Desktop & Mobile Traffic with us
  • Guaranteed Fill Rates of 90%+ and Highest Average CPM
  • Monetize your Banner, Native, Video and Pop-under ad spaces
  • Access to Global Crypto Demand
  • Highest pay-outs in the industry for Cost-per-click, Cost-per-subscription demand
  • Real time Reporting and Analytics
  • Self-Service Interface or Managed Services

High-Performance Ad Formats

Create a non-intrusive yet engaging experience for your audiences, wherever they are and whatever they are doing

Display Ads

JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5, iFrame, JavaScript (Static/Rotating)


Native Banners & Video


VAST and VPAID, In-Stream and In-Banner

Pop under

Redirect Links opening in new tab/window

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